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So why a blog?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

A. Because I'm a millennial. B. Because it's a pandemic. C. Because not every part of the internet needs to hear my feelings. D. Yes.

There are no wrong answers to the question "Why a blog, Mayte?" But the most right answer is that I want to remember my life. And this is one of the ways I'm working on remembering. I imagine we'll dive into the nitty gritty of my life and thoughts as time progresses. What is important to know right now is that good or bad I feel like there are parts of my life I just don't remember. Our brains do remarkable things to protect ourselves and I do not think my brain is an exception. There are large gaps in my memory mostly because I was sad, I think. The kind of sadness that you'd rather not remember. Memory functions like a muscle for me and when it is out of practice (no matter the reason) I can't remember well - not even the good things.

I have had some transformative years but nothing could have prepared me for 2020. I suspect I'm not alone there. I don't want to forget what it was like to be me now if that makes sense.

"So girl, get a journal." Honey, I have one and it gets utilized often. While I do my best to be the same person in every room that I am in, I have to admit that there's a part of me that comes alive around people I love and people that love me. Covid has forced all of us into a strange isolation and truthfully, I was wildly unprepared at the start of this pandemic for that isolation. Full transparency, I'm still wildly unprepared. But I'm committed to giving myself grace and that means that sometimes some of my thoughts come out better when I can pretend that someone who loves me is listening. I remember stories better when I'm telling them.

So here's to my story...whatever it turns out to be.

Pictured Above: a picture of me that I like.

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2 commentaires

Iliana Féliz Peña
Iliana Féliz Peña
05 sept. 2020

Hype is an understatement for what I’m feeling!


Krystle L. Cox
Krystle L. Cox
19 août 2020

That picture though 😍

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